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So! As you all might have guessed, the current arc of Flaky Pastry is quickly winding down to a close. Just a few loose ends to tighten up... no more than a handful of pages. I was thinking I could do this thing that I have often done, though not every time, and have a Croissant's Corner before the start of the new arc! For this, I would like to ask my readers (that's you) for help. Are there any questions you would like answered in this informative interlude? Not necessarily questions addressed to the characters, like what happened in Pastry 100 -though that's alright too- just any old question about Flaky Pastry, its world, its plot, its characters. Doesn't even have to be about the current arc! Of course I most likely won't answer everything, but I'll definitely pick at the very least one interesting, not-already-obvious, not-too-spoilery question.

I want to know what people want to know!

Either reply here, or send me a note, or e-mail... Basically any way you can find to contact me should do.


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MousyDi Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist
Ok, i have some questions =)
1. How is Daran can be neighbours doughter? They looks same age. Is it some timey-waumey stuff? Ore someone does not look his age?
2. What age is Marelle? Is she gray-heared from birth or because of age?
3. Will be Kurt and Nitrine be together? (pleeease, say "yes")
4. Will be Damian the permanent character?
5. Why can't you publish comics more often than once a week??? Goblins are issued twice a week. Girl Genius - three times.
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April 6, 2013